Dual Diagnosis Manic Depression Treatment

A person who is caught in the downward spiral of an emotional disorder often tries try to fix the problem themselves. Too often, any form of “self-medication” can actually compound the original problem. For example, someone who has been diagnosed as a manic depressive might turn to alcohol to find escape from their pain. Because that … Read more

Holistic Bipolar Disorder Treatment Centers

Holistic bipolar disorder treatment centers are very similar to holistic drug rehab programs. They seek to treat and care for the entire person. They utilize a methodology which suggests that the enrichment of the entire person will help to get over their disease, whether it is drug addiction or a mental disorder. A holistic bipolar … Read more

Bipolar Pharmacotherapy Options

Doctors and mental health professionals have a lot of pharmacotherapy options at their disposal when they are attempting to treat individuals with bipolar disorder. Some of the most common include mood stabilizers, antipsychotic, anti-depressant and anticonvulsant drugs. Calcium channel blockers may be used as well. Depression Medication Options Mood Stabilizers: Mood stabilizers are used to … Read more

Bipolar Disorder Therapy Centers

Bipolar disorder therapy centers can be excellent place for those with the mental condition to go and get help. Such facilities will offer treatment and care that an individual likely wouldn’t be able to achieve on their home. Bipolar disorder is not a condition that lends itself well to self-care. Typically, medication of some kind … Read more