Why Bipolar Disorder Is Commonly Misdiagnosed

With close to 3 percent of the American adult population suffering from bipolar disorder, sample research indicates it may be both under- and overdiagnosed. For instance, one study showed an average of nearly 10 years between patients’ first experience of bipolar symptoms and their first treatment with a mood stabilizer. Conversely, another study reported that … Read more

Misunderstanding Behaviors Related to Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is often associated with creativity and the condition is often found in persons with a great deal of potential. Unfortunately, however, bipolar disorder can also be a debilitating condition that can undermine the person’s sense of wellbeing and stand in the way of him reaching his full potential or being happy and well-adjusted. … Read more

What Does Bipolar Mania Look Like?

Are you concerned about yourself or someone you love? Bipolar disorder is among the most common mental illnesses in the world. Learn how to identify bipolar mania and find treatment that works. What is Bipolar Disorder? While all of us experience mood changes, those of us with bipolar disorder experience mood swings that affect daily … Read more

Self-Care Strategies When You Have Bipolar Disorder

Taking medication and seeing a psychiatrist and therapist are likely part of your overall treatment plan when you have bipolar disorder. However, there are also other ways to personally supplement your treatment plan. Here are some self-care strategies you can implement in addition to medication and therapy to help you take charge of your own … Read more