Do I Need a Mood Disorder Specialist?

Do I need a mood disorder specialist?

Mood disorders can be a disruptive factor in your life. If you are struggling with one or more mood disorders, or are suffering from co-occurring mood disorders and addiction issues, you may find that treatment from a mood disorder specialist can transform your life.

Understanding Mood Disorders

Mood disorders can take many forms and can manifest in different ways. Also known as mood affective disorders, they can become a serious concern when the moods become the focal point of a person’s life. The following are just a few mood disorders that can present themselves in individuals:

  • Depression. Depression can include mild dysthymic depression, catatonic depression, post-partum depression and seasonal affective disorder.
  • Bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that brings with it alternating periods of depression and mania.
  • Alcohol or drug induced mood disorders. Mood disorder and addiction struggles are often closely related.

Your mental health needs to be evaluated by mood disorder specialist so that you can get the mood disorder help you need.

The Risks of Delaying Mood Disorder Treatment

Delaying admission into a mental health rehab facility can have immensely detrimental consequences such as the following:

  • Further life disruption that makes it difficult to maintain steady employment
  • Disruption in personal relationships including relationships with a spouse, parents or children
  • Increased risk of self-harm
  • Increased risk of suicide

Overcome Mood Disorders and Addiction

Many people who are struggling with a mood disorder find themselves turning towards drugs or alcohol in an effort to self-medicate. An integrated treatment facility will help to treat both the mood disorder and addiction to ensure that the person being treated receives the most comprehensive care possible.

Mood disorder treatment on its own or addiction treatment on its own is not always a successful method of ensuring that good mental health and sobriety are maintained. By treating all parts of you that are struggling you will be able to learn the coping mechanisms needed in order to maintain your sobriety.