Why Do I Have to Go to Therapy During Rehab?

Why Do I Have to Go to Therapy During Rehab?Rehab treatment is intended to give users the tools they need in order to overcome addiction, but some users may be nervous about certain aspects of rehab treatment such as therapy.

Therapy sessions can be very personal and can cause users to feel vulnerable, but the discoveries users make during therapy are some of the most important things they will learn during rehab. Therapy may not be an exact science, but it is one of the most important parts of your rehab treatment and will contribute greatly to your success or failure in overcoming your addiction.

Why is Individual Therapy Important During Rehab?

Individual therapy involves the user sitting down one-on-one with a trained therapist to discuss the user’s addiction and how recovery is going. During individual therapy, the therapist will help you grasp the emotional and psychological effects of your addiction and will also help you find the root cause of your addiction.

Understanding the feelings or problems that contribute to your addiction will cause you to become more aware of triggers so you can avoid relapse after treatment. After individual therapy you will feel like you have a better understanding of why your addiction occurred and how you can avoid it in the future.

What Happens During Group Therapy?

While group therapy occurs in a different environment than individual therapy, it is useful to recovering users in its own ways. During group therapy, users attend therapy together and are directed by a teacher who guides the discussion.

Discussion during group therapy touches on many issues related with addiction, including first-hand experiences from users, the consequences of addiction and the cause of addiction. During group therapy users will learn more about addiction through sharing stories with each other and learning more about how addiction affects the user and people around him.