Setting and Achieving Goals in Your Recovery

Often an overlooked factor in one’s life, especially the older one gets, is continuing to set and work toward achieving goals. For recovering addicts, learning how to set realistic goals, both short and long-term, is key to the success of their recovery. If the recovering addict sought treatment, she likely had to set some goals … Read more

Protecting Yourself from Alcohol in Recovery

Unlike substances that are commonly abused and illegal to possess (such as cocaine, heroin and mediations that require a prescription), alcohol is legal for adults to purchase and abuse as they wish. This fact means that drinking is common, so it will often be in an individual’s environment where consumption and abuse are prevalent. For … Read more

Why Rehab May Take More than One Attempt

Drug and alcohol addiction is a powerful disease that hijacks the brain, so it inhibits people from making clear decisions. While rehab is essential to addiction recovery, it often takes more than one attempt to overcome addiction and to experience long-term recovery. Understand that multiple stays in rehab do not discredit a rehab facility, they … Read more