6 Steps to Returning to Your Career After Recovery

A recovering addict who returns to work must address relapse prevention. According to the Journal of Addictive Disorders, this term was coined by Professor G. Alan Marlatt, who described it as ‘a collection of cognitive-behavioral [thinking/responding] strategies and lifestyle change procedures aimed at preventing relapse in addictive behaviors.’ Relapse is a real possibility for someone … Read more

4 Healthy Ways to Unwind

In today’s society, individuals are often trying to get so much done as fast as possible that they become exhausted and run themselves into the ground. Fast-paced work environments, family obligations, and busy social calendars, can make individuals feel like they must constantly struggle to keep up and never have a moment to relax. This … Read more

How to Find a Job in Recovery

For many people, finding a job as a recovering addict is a difficult and intimidating experience, but it is one major goal for people who are trying to put their lives back together from tearing it apart with drug abuse. Fortunately, you can take any of the following steps to put yourself in a better … Read more