Dealing with the Speed Bumps of Recovery

Recovering from a substance abuse problem is a rewarding experience. Achieving recovery offers a host of benefits, and it can even save someone’s life. Recovered individuals experience better family relationships, more meaningful friendships, increased success in the workplace and an overall improvement in both physical and emotional health. However, despite all the benefits, recovery can … Read more

Challenges Facing Young Adults In Recovery

Everyone who attends addiction treatment faces unique challenges during recovery, and young adults are no different. In fact, facing addiction as a teenager or twenty-something is especially challenging due to the unique problems, but, no matter what problems you face while recovering from addiction, you can use what you have learned during addiction treatment and … Read more

The Brain’s Role in Positive Feelings

An individual’s brain gets its information from two different sources. Their senses tell them what is occurring in the outside world while their emotions tell them what that particular circumstance means to them. Similar to how hunger motivates one to seek food, emotions help motivate an individual to take care of their personal needs such … Read more

Mending Personal Relationships in Recovery

It is well known that addiction and intimate or long-term committed relationships do not mix well.  Individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol affect everyone around them, and their addiction can cause severe damage to all of their relationships. The addict’s children, relatives, friends, and even co-workers feel the effects of addiction. Unfortunately, the … Read more

3 Arguments in Favor of Rehab

When an addict looks at her treatment options, it is important to remember that every addict’s needs are different, which means your treatment will vary from any other person’s. However, the longer and more intense the addiction, the longer and more intense treatment someone will typically need to recover. Furthermore, regardless of a particular program’s … Read more