Signs that Bipolar Disorder Is Out of Control

Bipolar disorder is a serious condition that can vary in intensity. If you or someone you love has bipolar disorder. It is important to take good care of yourself and seek treatment if it becomes necessary. Helping yourself when you have bipolar disorder will help you live a happier, more productive life.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

If you struggle with symptoms of bipolar disorder (manic depression), it is important to understand when it is time to seek supportive treatment. The following are signs that bipolar disorder may be causing a serious problem in your life:

  • Self-destructive behaviors, which may be a result of either mania or depression. A self-destructive person my do things that harm the quality of life, such as have an extra-marital affair, drive recklessly, commit a crime, suddenly quit a job, drop out of school or start arguments with loved ones.
  • Self-injury. Similar to self-destructive behaviors, self-injury or self-harm involve harming yourself by cutting, burning or otherwise injuring yourself. Self-injury can be dangerous and deadly and requires immediate assistance.
  • Suicidal feelings. Sometimes the high of mania becomes a violent rage, or the lows of depression become overwhelming. If you experience any thoughts of suicide, please seek help immediately.
  • Damage to relationships. Bipolar disorder can cause a person to behave erratically. Arguments or relationship problems lead many people to seek treatment. Abusive behavior toward loved ones is a serious sign of trouble.
  • Breaks from reality. If you become so manic that you begin to act strangely, hallucinate or experience unusual personality changes, it is time to seek help. Similarly, if you become so depressed that you begin to experience strange phenomena or lose touch with reality, seek help immediately.
  • Rage and panic. Panic and rage are strong emotions that do not easily smooth over. If your rage makes you dangerous or your panic becomes overwhelming or inhibits your life, it is time to seek treatment.
  • Drug or alcohol abuse. Substance abuse usually harms users. If you have bipolar disorder, substance use can make mood swings more dangerous than ever.

Bipolar Disorder Help

Don’t let bipolar disorder destroy your life. There is help available. If you or someone you love has been affected by bipolar disorder, seek treatment that specializes in your area of need. Integrated treatment programs are designed to treat both bipolar disorder and substance abuse at the same time. Specialty rehab programs are available to help combat bipolar disorder, cyclothymia, rapid cycling bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety or mania.