Holistic Bipolar Disorder Treatment Centers

Holistic bipolar disorder treatment centers are very similar to holistic drug rehab programs. They seek to treat and care for the entire person. They utilize a methodology which suggests that the enrichment of the entire person will help to get over their disease, whether it is drug addiction or a mental disorder. A holistic bipolar disorder treatment center may or may not offer medications. Some will focus on alternative forms of care, while others will use a combination of traditional science (i.e. medication) but will also focus on activities to that address the spirit and the mind.

A holistic bipolar disorder treatment centers may place an emphasis on the following, diet, exercise, mind control techniques, nutrition and biofeedback. We’ll take a look at each one below.

Holistic Depression Treatment Entails:

a. Diet:

There is some belief that the food that we eat may lead to a myriad of problems including mental disorders. The food that many of us eat is lacking in nutrition and may be down right dangerous for us. Artificial flavorings, coloring, pesticides and preservatives are believed by many to be unhealthy and the direct cause of certain diseases. Some individuals even belief that mood and mental disorders are one of the many illnesses that may be caused by a poor diet. In a holistic bipolar disorder treatment center, individuals may learn which foods are good for them and which ones should not be consumed at all and how eating the right foods can play a part in controlling their bipolar disorder.

b. Exercise:

Exercise is a very simple and straight forward lifestyle change that a person in a holistic bipolar disorder treatment center will learn about. Exercise is great for relieving stress and can help the body manufacture hormones that help to improve a person’s mood. This can be extremely beneficial when a person is experiencing a depressive episode.

c. Mind Control Techniques:

These can take several forms. They might involve the use of hypnosis, relaxation techniques or exercises, accelerated conditioning or meditation. Which ever is used, the goal is to manage stress which can exacerbate or cause symptoms to develop and also to experience feelings of well being and balance, both which the person with bipolar disorder may have a lack of.  These can be used to prevent mood swings or to temper them when they do occur.

d. EEG Biofeedback:

This is an alternative treatment which uses electroencephalography in order to illustrate and measures brain activity. The goal is to measure the brains response and then train it reach differently through conditioning. EEG Biofeedback is believed by some to be an effective treatment for patients that suffer from epilepsy. Just as anticonvulsants are used to treat those with bipolar disorder, there are people that believe EEG biofeedback can do the same thing.

Holistic Bipolar Disorder Centers attempt to treat and build up the entire person so that they can successfully manage their bipolar disorder. The exact approaches a center utilizes will be dependent upon their personal philosophy. Possible approaches to care include nutritional training, EEG Biofeedback, exercise and mind control techniques. Spirituality may also be included in some programs.