Help for Bipolar I Disorder and Addiction

People with bipolar disorder and addiction often face difficulty finding and excelling in treatment. The reason for this is that each component can worsen the other.

In addition, some of the symptoms of bipolar disorder and addiction can make it difficult to get an accurate diagnosis, because these two conditions are so similar. With a Dual Diagnosis, people with bipolar disorder and addiction can find the right type of therapy in integrated treatment.

Facts about Bipolar Disorder and Addiction

People with bipolar disorder and addiction may exude the following problems:

  • Many people are unaware that there are two major forms of bipolar disorder, I and II. These forms are very similar, with only a few exceptions. The form of bipolar disorder that someone has is unlikely to affect addiction very much, but it may cripple your everyday life. Bipolar I disorder includes a more serious type of mania than bipolar II. Bipolar I mania may include hallucinations or psychosis, even without drug use.
  • People with untreated bipolar disorder are prone to mood swings, which is also often a symptom of addiction
  • Your addiction may have started as a way to self-medicate your mental health symptoms or to establish a sense of normalcy
  • People with bipolar disorder find it more challenging to walk away from addiction than those who do not have the mental illness
  • Your bipolar symptoms may begin or be triggered by drug or alcohol use
  • People with bipolar disorder have an increased risk for depression, hopelessness, anxiety and suicide. The combination of bipolar disorder and addiction can increase the risk for suicide unless you seek intense counseling in an integrated treatment facility.
  • With co-existing bipolar disorder and addiction, you should seek help only from a treatment center that can address both issues at the same time

If you struggle with these issues, seek professional help at the same time.

Types of Treatment in an Integrated Treatment Program

The type of treatment you receive for bipolar disorder and addiction will depend on your unique situation. No two addictions are alike, and no courses of treatment will be alike.

In integrated treatment a team of professionals will carefully evaluate your symptoms and help you recover. By treating both problems at the same time, you will have the greatest opportunity for long-term success. An integrated treatment facility is the right choice for addressing these problems.