Insurance Coverage and DSM Diagnoses

DSM stands for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and is the standard classification of mental health disorders used by psychiatric professionals in the United States. The manual provides the diagnostic classification, diagnostic criteria sets, and descriptive text that are used by several different professionals in the health care industry. This manual allows … Read more

TellTale Signs of a Functional Addict

Telling the difference between an addict and someone who is sober can be surprisingly difficult. It is possible for even the most educated individuals to have difficulty distinguishing the difference between someone who has a problem, and someone who doesn’t. In more cases than you might think, a friend, family member or co-worker might be … Read more

Do I Need a Mood Disorder Specialist?

Mood disorders can be a disruptive factor in your life. If you are struggling with one or more mood disorders, or are suffering from co-occurring mood disorders and addiction issues, you may find that treatment from a mood disorder specialist can transform your life. Understanding Mood Disorders Mood disorders can take many forms and can … Read more

How Does Fame Influence Drug Abuse?

The relationship between fame and drug abuse is complicated and multi-faceted. In many cases the impression that famous people use drugs may be caused by media coverage. Entertainment news shows and tabloids are unlikely to treat their viewers to stories about addicted mothers, teachers, doctors, or factory workers. But there are both causal and circumstantial … Read more