Bipolar Disorder Help

Our moods shape our days. The same is true for the moods of others. In fact, working next to or waking up with someone in a bad mood could end up ruining your own day. Our moods can also shift at the drop of a hat. We start out in a good mood, but that … Read more

Effects of Bipolar Disorder

There is a potential double-edged sword of pain that comes to those suffering with bipolar disorder. In their own minds, they can become trapped in endless cycles of manic and depressive thoughts. In essence, they become a slave to mood swings. This often translates into feelings of isolation and a permeating sense that no one understands them. … Read more

How to Treat Bipolar Disorder

It is extremely important that individuals who suffer from bipolar disorder receive appropriate treatment even when they are going through a manic period.  Many times a person will believe that everything is fine once they begin to feel manic. This is because during this phase of the disorder a person will feel extremely energetic, happy, … Read more

Causes of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a condition which affects the mind. The person that has it will experience wild swings in mood. They will go from experiencing intense feelings of depression and sadness, with equally intense feelings of happiness and energy. Though this is a condition which affects millions of people, scientists and health professionals have yet … Read more