Christian-Based Bipolar Disorder Centers

If you are researching information about bipolar disorders then clearly, you or someone you love is going through a difficult passage. Comfort can be found in the fact that bipolar disorders touch the lives of close to six million Americans every year. That figure is based on findings from the National Institute of Mental Health. There is commonality among the sufferers of bipolar disorder. These persons will find themselves trapped in a repeating cycle of manic highs and low depression. Left untreated, these emotional mood swings can have severe consequences on a person’s career, their family and their ability to function in normal society.

Sadly, this disorder can worsen when the sufferer turns to self-medication in the forms of narcotics or alcohol to alleviate their emotional pain. Obviously, that’s not the answer. However, answers can be had in the form of proven recovery options. Although those common problems help determine the best course of treatment, each individual has their own needs which can serve to enhance their recovery. This is especially true with Christian or faith-based patients. Those people who have a strong foundation of faith can often find great comfort with being treated in a faith-based facility.

Christian and Faith-Based Bipolar Disorder Treatment Options

The first phase of any effective treatment program, whether it is Christian-based or secular, is a proper diagnosis. Having a clinical bipolar disorder is not a cause for shame, but rather a rally call for support. The underlying cause needs to be targeted. This could mean enrolling in a prescribed course of medications to help balance the chemistry of the brain.

Once the clouds have cleared, then the ongoing therapy work helps the patient reorient their thinking to avoid destructive thought patterns. When filtered through the spiritual experience, this therapy takes on even deeper meaning through the promotion of faith-based teachings and philosophies. Among the tools used at faith-based bipolar centers are:

  • Counseling from Spiritual Leaders: “Let go and let God” never had more profound meaning than when seeking help. This does not mean surrendering to the disorder, but building on the foundations of the faith to help cope and manage especially with the depressive side of the disorder. Working with a spiritual leader trained in this field is a wonderful guidance measure.
  • Attending Fellowship: Fellowship is the cornerstone of faith. It also happens to be an important factor in recovery. Sharing a community experience takes on more resonance when a patient can have their pain lifted up by their fellow believers.
  • Meditation: Quiet meditation is needed for prayer. With recovery, prayer and meditation take on new meaning and relevance.
  • Faith-Centered Readings: There are volumes of engaging works used to help a patient with their recovery process. Identifying and utilizing those works is a positive role played at a faith-based center.

Faith grows stronger when tested. At faith-based bipolar disorder centers, those tests are never taken alone. Call the toll-free number on this page to find out more information.